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Remote Access

Do you have staff on the move? Is it beneficial for someone to work from home? SPN can setup access from remote locations via a secure link into your companies IT network. We can fully project manage both server and client connections enabling your staff to work efficiently when away from the office. Remote Access solutions are summarised below:

Cloud Services - With the major move towards hosted solutions cloud based applications are becoming increasingly used and more cost competitive. We can help set up and manage access to any solutions you use or require.


VPN - A virtual private network, a secure network tunnel directly from the user end into the company network. This option allows a remote desktop or laptop to be working as if it is actually in the office.


Remote Desktop / Terminal Services - Allows the end user to connect to a machine within the companies network securely via the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. Users can log on and access applications and data.

Citrix - Citrix Presentation Centre or XenApp as it is now called, is an application delivery system that offers client-side and server-side application virtualisation, for optimal application performance and flexible delivery options. This allows the delivery of secure applications as a service, while providing the flexibility to leverage future application architectures.

Smartphones - If you need to send and receive mail when on the move various Smartphone Operating Systems are available. Whether its the Blackberry system, which is the must have tool to own for businesses or Apple's iOS or Google's Android, these can be configured to link in with your work email accounts so you are able to action company email on your phone whilst always having your calendar and contacts up to date, and synchronized with your office workstation.

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