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Internet Connectivity & Telephony

Internet Connectivity

The IT Support Hub work with many telecom providers to ensure you have the best value internet connectivity in place based on your budget, location and resiliency requirements. We ensure all support by the provider is UK based. 

All our partners and providers also offer their own VoIP, SIP Trunking and Hosted Telephony options.

Products and services can be broken down into four main areas: 

•   Business Internet – from simple ADSL to lightning-fast fibre Ethernet circuits.
•   Voice telecommunications – standard business telephone lines to next generation SIP and VOIP. 
•   Engineering solutions – from end-to-end telephony engineering to multisite WAN solutions.
•   Support solutions – UK-based support across our full range of services and products.

Our Partners Network 

With their own telephone exchange and core network, our telecoms partners are able to develop innovative services at outstanding value for you. At every step we work with you to understand your business needs, defining the most effective options, whether it be connectivity, MPLS networks, or phone systems. 



We can offer Telephony and SMS solutions to fit your business needs. Our customers have varied providers and configurations as we ensure they have the best solution for their business. The majority of customers now utilise Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) for their phone system. The IT Support Hub can manage your current infrastructure, as well look to migrate you if better options and value is available to your company.

We partner with many telephony operators. Be it via a telecoms company like Spitfire, BT or Virgin, and linked into or direct with providers such as Microsoft (via Teams), RingCentral, 3CX and Cloudcall.  Whoever your provider is, and however it's configured (direct routing or direct with a provider) we ensure the solution is configured and managed correctly.

With telephony systems always evolving, our customers are enjoying features they can freely access like call recordings, call reporting, call whisper and central 'user-friendly' management options.


For more information please do not hesitate in contacting us. 

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