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Why move to a Managed Service Agreement?

IT has evolved

IT has and continues to evolve at a rapid rate, especially within the recruitment sector. Covid has accelerated the need for remote working, but also focused Directors and Managers on how their systems work and how they are supported.

Over 67% of recruitment firms still have legacy systems running, some all on premise and some split between the cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

All of these challenges have meant that more time and resource is spent on resolving daily support issues and without a clear plan in place to migrate to the cloud.

Managed Service or Standard Support?
‘Managed Services’ are different from standard support agreements. They provide complete management of all your current support plans, but also provide the management of third-party systems such as your Database solutions, phone systems, API’s and other service provisions. 

Under a Managed Service agreement, we take responsibility for every service ticket raised ensuring that providers are working to the correct SLAs from the initial reporting throug
h to resolution.

What’s Included?

  • Priority Levels of support with tiered response times from 30 minutes, covering critical business wide issues through to less urgent issues

  • Transparent reporting through our Help Desk system with full real time visibility of incident tickets

  • Managed costs

  • Asset registers of equipment

  • Management of staff communications for all system changes and new IT Provision

  • Hardware provision based on your needs

  • Management of requirements

  • Management of legacy systems

  • Centralisation of incident reporting and staff communications

What are the Benefits?

  • More time for you

  • Leverage our 25 years knowledge and experience across every sector of the recruitment industry

  • Time back to focus on growing your business. Recent research revealed that Directors and managers spend over 21% of their time on resolving IT service issues

  • Replaces the need for your own CTO/Office Manager, average industry salary for these roles is £50k p.a.

  • Removes the need to keep retraining internal staff and for managers and directors to keep up to date with new technology 

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