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Support, Customer Service, Accounts, Management, Directors 


Support | Our Remote and Mobile support teams started in 2000. They look after all general support and network installations, also covering our customer's wide area network communications. 


Site Support | We have dedicated engineers allocated to individual customers sites - this is organised via a bespoke customer solution which can cover certain days, sick leave, annual leave, whatever works best for your organisation.

Customer Service |  Our whole team work together ensuring our Customers are kept happy, weekly meetings ensure any information is shared across teams and individuals to keep our level of service second to none.

Accounts | Looking after our sales and purchase ledger as well as any account queries from customers. They also oversee the maintenance contracts ensuring users levels are up to date. 

Owners & Directors | 
Stephen Neville is the founder of SPN and also co-owner of the company. As well as looking after Project management for customers he is still involved with the day to day support of servers and communications, ensuring all our customers management teams have smiles on their faces! Philip Neville is also co-owner of the business, primarily looking after customer's on-going development and project management, database services and overseeing the Help Desk system. Philip previously worked extensively in both Private and Public sectors.

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