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Branding our IT Services


SPN formed in August 2000 and for over a decade have not only grown in size, but have added extra services, features and increased levels of support.

From being a small team of professionals offering bespoke support to our customers, the company had grown and required a change of branding so our current and new customers can see that we are the 'hub' of all IT support requirements.

We will never lose our dedicated direct one to one approach with our customers, which is what made us the company we are today. The IT Support Hub stands for everything SPN Consultancy did, but offering a much wider pool of IT services.

All contracts are still provided by SPN Consultancy. So whether you're an existing customer, or looking for us to provide support for your IT services you are still in the hands of the same directors and staff that setup the company and have a wealth of IT industry

Our Brands:

SPN Consultancy Limited | www.spnict.com
the IT Support Hub | www.theitsupporthub.com

the Cloud Support Hub | www.thecloudsupporthub.com

the Network Support Hub | www.thenetworksupporthub.com

the Recruitment Support Hub | www.therecruitmentsupporthub.com