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Data and Disaster Recovery


We have expert knowledge in Data Recovery, whether it be a SQL database or a corrupt Exchange database. The IT Support Hub have helped many companies who have come to us after their existing IT maintenance provider could not recover information after a hardware or software failure. Once we have resolved your issue we will liaise with you to ensure all company data is backed up on a nightly basis, and once the backup solution is scheduled will monitor all backup reports on a daily basis.

Have staff members accidentally deleted files? We can restore these files from previous backups, or if changes have been made since the last backup we can un-delete the file as long as the Windows system has not re-written over the cluster of the hard disk.

Disaster Recovery

If the worst should happen, a fire at your workplace or a theft of computer equipment?
We can provide a Disaster or Data Recovery solution to have your workforce up and running as quickly as possible. As long as data backup media is available we can provide replacement hardware with IT technicians to restore your IT services.

Call us to discuss further options for Disaster Recovery, including hardware specifications, backup media and scheduling, and office space should your premises not be available.



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